How to Believe in Yourself!

Having belief in ourselves is sometimes tough.

How many individuals would do a Facebook live and sing “Happy Birthday” to someone, when you are not a singer?

Stop thinking about yourself, and start thinking about what makes others happy how to serve others!

What will others think? Who Cares!

I'm going to make a statement and some may not believe this. Don't just have an opinion, disprove me on this.

What do people say is the #1 thing they need to be happy, fulfilled, and have good relationships?

#1 Key factor is Believe in Yourself!

Have belief in yourself to do what others have done.

Here's how to have that belief:

First, admit that you have a lot of “junk” in your head.

Your head needs to be replaced with positive things, after all the years of negative programming.

Stop telling yourself that you can't do things

“I can't do videos”

“I can't do Facebook lives”

“I don't have good content to share that would benefit others”

“I don't believe that I'm a good communicator“

And the list goes on and on!

If we didn't think that we could do things that we were unsure about, we would have never completed school, or gotten our drivers license.

We made it through those things by having others encourage and believe in us.

Surround yourself by individuals who give encouragement and believe in you!

One of the ways to get belief in yourself is to learn how others did great things by believing in themselves.

Everyone tries to make everything so complex and complicated in their mind.

If you can get the thought in your head that if others have accomplished what I'm striving for, then you can also!

Seek out others that have had the same circumstances as you have, and learn how they overcame it and are on the other side.

Replace the old negative things in your head with positive things such as books, videos, meditation, a personal coach, courses, and live events.

Those will bring belief to you.

And as always If others can do it, so can you!

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Robert Hollis


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