Keep Your Eye On The Prize!

I watched the Super Bowl last Sunday, as I'm sure so many others did as well.

My friend Rob Roell said it gives everyone an excuse to all get together and party.

Wouldn't it be nice to have that type of atmosphere around every other division on the planet.

Keeping your eye on the prize regardless of being a football fan, super bowl fan, watching the last couple of quarters of the game was amazing.

To think that the mentality of being down that far in points, and throwing an interception, and having the team down by 10 points and having them recover to win the super bowl, Amazing!

If you know what your goal us and the experiences that you want to have, you probably will go through a few defeats, a few let downs, a few things that don't go your way, however you just have to continue to keep your eye on the prize.

Years ago I decided on some of the experiences I wanted to have for myself and family. And I've had some disappointments in the last 28 years.

Even some disappointments to where I said to myself, I'm done.

There's been a few brief times in my life where they've lasted 2 years

What I'm doing was not working, the harder I tried, the worse it went. One let down after another. Certain individuals over promising and under delivering.

You think of your goal and experiences you want and you have to get back to the excitement you had when the goal was set.

I predicted that the Atlanta Falcons would win the super bowl

I was wrong!

My mentor always said, you can fight for the right to be right! Or

Fight to be Happy!

Fight to be Rich!

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Robert Hollis


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