Mastermind Power!

One of the things about Masterminds is that they actually exists for some on a religious or spiritual plain.

There's an infinite intelligence that's called The Mastermind, which puts a cool spin on it.

It's this amazing thing that happens when more than one person gets together to discuss certain subjects, they always say that there's seems to be another mind present.

The ideas seem to be popping off ideas, and for the spiritual person, they actually refer to that voice, that mind, as God, or Buddha, etc. Whatever name they have for it.

I feel as if I'm pretty creative. I like to think and create things, courses, videos etc.

My buddy Rob Roell came up with a funny joke the other day. He said to me “Robert, you could pick up a leaf from the ground and do a Facebook live on that leaf.”

For me, I've been depositing knowledge and wisdom from successful individuals for many years into my head.

I guess I just have this big digital vault, which has a lot of information that I've constantly used to work on me and make me a better person.

I had been told by my mentors to work harder on myself more than anything else.

Constantly work on one's imagination, creativity, like it states in The Science of Getting Rich.

I'm telling on myself with a humbling story here.

I've stated previously that I was coming out with a 8 week course, to which I incorporate group coaching, I give suggestions and strategies on how someone can make 6 figures.

When I began thinking of a course name, the title that I thought was a good name was “Escape Mastery.”

Here's a good problem or in my case a not so good problem with being in a Mastermind.

When you come up with ideas, there's a phrase I'm sure you're aware of, “The Yes person.”

That's the person who no matter what you come up with, that thing that you're passionate about, they will always agree and always say yes that's a great idea, great title or name.

We sometimes surround ourselves by individuals who will validate our thoughts and beliefs.

So I'm on my 3 hour group coaching call which is every Thursday. I'm super excited to share with my new Coaches Alex and Adam the name I chose for my new course.

When they open the email that I sent them they read it in the group and said “That name sucks!”

He says, “most people don't know what mastery is or they have never heard of it before.” “Do they want to escape mastery, and the word escape to me is sorta negative.”

I thought Wow, I did a webinar about 6 months ago and named it 7 Figure Escape Plan. I can think it's a great idea, but if there's others that look at it and say, I don't get it.

It really doesn't work well does it?

Sometimes we become too creative, so it's important to be around a Mastermind.

A group of individuals that will look at our ideas, think of the way we're marketing, and say if it's a good or bad.

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