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Breakthrough Session

Robert Hollis is one of the world’s top-earning coaches. He now wants to share his best coaching practices and success strategies.

When you start your personal coaching with Robert, you’ll get his best strategies to accelerate your income, impact & freedom. (Comes with one month of Full-Time Network Marketer Platinum)

Mastering The Science Of Getting Rich

In this sixteen part video series, I breakdown every step that I've taken from The Science of Getting Rich and how I used them to generate millions of dollars in income!


 How Is That Working? Audiobook

You can now get Robert Hollis' Bestselling Book “How is That Working?” in Audiobook & Ebook.

Listen and Read the methods Learn Robert used that helped him go from broke auto mechanic to Life Mechanic!


 Social Media Profits

Learn to Profit from the biggest social network online! With over 10 hours of content that teaches you everything from piquing interest in a cold market to doing advertising. We put it all in Social Media Profits!


The Farmer

In this course, Robert teaches you how to build a group by planting seeds. Noticing which crops are growing and which ones are not, and how to focus on getting a good harvest in your business!


Ned The Nerd

In this course, Robert Hollis will help you identify those who waste your most valuable asset, time. And how to find people worthy of it.


The Prospector

In this course, Robert goes in-depth on how to find Gold and Diamonds in your company and how to encourage them to do the same.


The Fisherman

In this course Robert Hollis goes in depth on the many different personality types you will experience in marketing, how to deal with them and how to find the stars in your company.


The Hockey Player

In this course, Robert teaches you how to find a goal and help others on your team find theirs also, so you can both score the dreams you've always had.


The Prisoner

In The Prisoner, Robert will help you identify what is keeping you in mental prison, and how to find the keys that will help you in getting free of your limiting beliefs and on the path to fulfilling your dreams.



Edu-tainment comes with every character course from 2015 up to February 2016. With over 12+ Hours of Courses with PDFs to follow!

Includes: The Fisherman / The Sensei / The Doctor (4 Variations) / The Hockey Player / The Prisoner / The Farmer / Ned the Nerd / The Professor (2 Variations) / The Prospector / The Golfer – Courses


Millionaire Creation Formula

The Millionaire Creation Formula is my ultimate video training program that teaches you how to build a successful business, no matter how competitive the market is. It will teach you how to turn your business into a predictable stream of revenue of at least six-figures a year!


Free Courses

How To Build a Million-Dollar Online Business

In this 4 part video course, I go through how I built Life Mechanic to a million dollar a year business.
With this 4 part video series, I will show you exactly how I did it and how you can as well.

Affiliate Domination Course

In this course, I go through how I won many affiliate contests and made over $20,000 in 44 Days!
In this 3 part video series, I will show you my methods as well as how you can achieve the same results.

How Is That Working? E-Book

You can now get Robert Hollis' Bestselling Book “How is That Working?” in Ebook format completely FREE.

Learn the strategies Robert used that helped him go from broke auto mechanic to Life Mechanic!