Same Specialized Knowledge

When people are first starting to be an internet affiliate, or a network marketer, or a home business entrepreneur, they usually are introduced to that type of business by individuals that have a proven system.

A system that most of the other individuals have used to become a success in that field. They seem to do the business in the same way to get their success.

Then we get the new person who decides not to follow the experts that have the specialized knowledge and proven system, and they struggle and sometimes quit.

Why they want to try it their way is crazy!

Bob Bowman, Olympic swimming coach to Michael Phelps and many others, who coached Michael Phelps to achieving 21 Gold Olympic medals.

How do you think he teaches and coaches his other students? The Same Way!

Most successful people have the Specialized Knowledge.

I did an entire series on The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, this book inspired a very wealthy man who then hired Napoleon Hill to interview other wealthy individuals as to how they created their wealth. Which then became Think and Grow Rich.

In the book it states that they had specialized knowledge.

Bob Proctor gives credit to The Science Of Getting Rich, part of his Specialized Knowledge.

Many of the very wealthy and successful people use the same Specialized Knowledge.

It amazes me when people get involved in Network Marketing, affiliate marketing, online marketing and a majority won't and don't follow the directions given to them by successful people with the specialized knowledge and proven system.

Right now we're in the playoff season of Football. And the coaches have all learned from previous coaches.

If you were a person who purchases a franchise such as a McDonald's, or a Subway sandwich shop. And you then hire a manager for that store, you pay him/her $100K or $200K a year.

You totally disregard how that owner tells you how to run that franchise and it starts to loose money and eventually go out of business by not following the proven system.

The way that doesn't happen is there is specialized training for that franchise and you have to sign a contract to stick to following through with the training and doing business as they have.

Seek out the individuals that possess the Specialized Knowledge, follow what they say! 

If it works for others, it will work for you!

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Robert Hollis


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