The Second Kind of Communication You Must Have!

Yesterday was the #1 kind of communication one must have.

Today I will share the second kind of communication.

Understanding that the most important conversation is with yourself, and what you say is important.

The Second is how to effectively communicate with others.

Ignorance is not a bad word, it just means, you don't know what you don't know.

All of us hopefully know how to be a  respectful, decent, nice human being.

Most individuals seem to change who they are and how they have conversations with people once they sign up in a Network Marketing Company, or become an Affiliate or Home Based Business.

They now see themselves as Entrepreneurs and Salespeople.

You now start talking to people that are close family members, friends and co workers, the people that you hang around the most.

And a majority of the people say they aren't interested in talking to their friends and family.

That's an honest reaction. Why?

Because you used to be a nice, respectful human being.

Now you've turned into a business owner in your mind, and you talk to them in a uncaring, un respectful way.

No one likes to be sold.

The Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you would have done to you.

Keep that rule in mind also when you approach someone cold market, or when you're sharing on Facebook, other social media sites, sending emails.

Always be the respectful, nice, caring, and kind person.

Where people mess up is how they talk to people.

Again be respectful, kind and caring.

Ask them questions about them, their family, their interests.

Build rapport. Build relationships.

The way I came up with the Million Dollar Question, It came from the way you connect with others.

I never really liked being a salesperson.

So when you learn to communicate with people, the way you would always communicate with them, working through getting to know, like and trust them.

However more importantly, them getting to know, like and trust You!

Communicate with others the way you would like to be communicated with!

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Robert Hollis


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