Learn to Profit from the biggest social network online! With over 10 hours of content that teaches you everything from piquing interest in a cold market to doing advertising. 

We put it all in Social Media Profits!

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Millionaire Mentor Robert Hollis finally shares the steps that helped him build a successful 700,000 distributor business online!
What this course will teach you
Robert, Matthew & Hannah Hollis will teach you the fundamental skills to help you pinpoint the perfect prospects on social media, and how to get them into your business.
The 5 Most Important Tips You Will Learn:
  • How to get over what is blocking you from reaching out to people online.
  • How to build relationships quickly that last!
  • What specific key words to say to pique someones interest in your business.
  • Where to find the best prospects on social media.
  • How to advertise on social media and generate a double return on your ad budget.
When you login for the first time, you’ll discover all of Robert, Matthew & Hannah's best strategies for building your business and translating that business into cold hard cash. Here is what you’ll get:
Facebook™ Pages & Building a Following

In this training, Matthew Hollis will show you how to setup a Facebook™ Page, where to add the correct information and how to identify your ideal customer to get them interested in what you have to offer.

Your Profile

With "Your Profile" - Hannah Hollis will take you through the steps of being approchable on facebook™. 

What is the first thing you look at when a new person messages you on facebook? Their page. This training will teach you how to make a great first impression!

Facebook™ Don'ts

In "Facebook™ Don'ts" - Hannah will show you exactly what to avoid before sending the first message. 

She shows examples of pages that immediately throw your prospects off and scream salesperson.

Personalities & Initial Messages

Hannah goes through the 16 different personalities that you will deal with while prospecting and how to talk to each of them. 

She also helps you craft a good first message to send to someone to start out on the right foot.

Building Rapport

Building Rapport is the most important thing to getting someone interested in your business. 

In this training, Hannah goes into how to build a successful rapport with someone that has never met you before, and how to begin a friendship that will grow.

Closing & Follow up

In "Closing & Follow up" - Hannah shows you when is the right time to share your personal link or product without it feeling forced. 

And once they have the link, how to follow up with them correctly to get them into your business or achieve a sale.

Facebook™ Messages

Hannah shows you some of her personal conversations and messages. 

No two conversations are alike, but having these messages helps you get a feel for how to have a successful conversation that grows into a friendship, and also how to move someone into being a customer.

Like, Comment & Share

In "Like, Comment & Share" - Robert shows you the methods he uses to pique peoples interest without ever sending them a message! 

This technique has generated incredible results for everyone that has used it.

Finding People & Sharing Your Link

One of the most difficult parts of doing business online is finding the correct people. 

With this training, Robert will show you how he finds people, and how to correctly share your affiliate link or product with them.

Facebook™ Tracking & Building a Funnel

The best way you will know if you are getting results from advertising is tracking. 

In this training, Matthew will go in-depth on how to track who's hitting your ads, and he will also show you how to get started building your own personal funnels to generate leads and sales.

Facebook Ads™ & Telling Your Story

Facebook™ advertising may be scary at first, but with this extremely in depth training, Matthew goes through every step in making a facebook™ ad. Including how to target the right people that will help your business grow. 

He also goes into how to tell your story in your advertising so you can build rapport before they ever signup or buy.

How to Effectively Tell Your Story

Robert goes into how to effectively tell your own personal story on social media. Not all advertising needs to be paid for. 

With this training he shows you how to share your story on social media to get peoples attention in what you have to offer and turn them into customers.

Placing a Facebook™ Ad

In this video, Robert shows you how to quickly boost your story and target the right people with it through facebook advertising. 

This method is one of the quickest ways to build rapport with a large group that will turn into customers.

Facebook™ Form Ads

Robert shows you how to capture leads without having an autoresponder! 

With the brand new Facebook™ Forms Advertisement. Harness the power of one of the largest social networks and use it to generate leads for your business.

Autoresponders & Webinars

Matthew goes into the different Autoresponders you can use and other tools to boost your business and online presence.

Robert also goes into how to setup a successful webinar and promote it through social media.

Risk-Free for 30 Days

We guarantee you’re going to love Social Media Profits. In fact, we're so convinced of this that you can try it risk-free for 30 days.

If you’re not completely thrilled with your decision, just contact customer service by Day 30 and we’ll give you a full refund.

You will also continue to get updated Social Media Training from us as new updates and features come to Social Media Platforms.
Your Price: Only $197
"If what you think you know is NOT true, when would you like to know?" - Robert Hollis
About Robert Hollis
Robert Hollis is a mid 8 figure earning entrepreneur who is credited with helping 46 people become millionaires.

Robert is the author of How Is That Working? Which went to #1 in many categories on amazon.

Robert has been asked to speak all over the world and has shared the stage with modern luminaries like Les Brown, Brendon Burchard, Eric Worre, Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins.

Robert has built sales groups in many companies. His current group is over 750,000 in 11 countries strong and continues to grow.

Robert's courses have already been used by many of his clients to double and triple their businesses. At least one client grew his business 10X using these methods.

Now, Robert is making his courses available for a short period of time to help struggling business owners who want a proven path to success.
Over 50+ Testimonials About Robert's Mentorship
  • “I was struggling with marketing for years until I met Robert in 2000. At that time he was the #1 producer in the company. He shared with me how to find the right people and everything changed quickly for me.
  • I quit my job and earned over 6 figures a year being coached and mentored by Robert. I started my own company Pro Travel Network in 2003, got the company to $240,000 a year in revenue, then called Robert once again to join me in my business.
  • Once again everything changed fast! June 2007 Robert joined us, in 2008 we did over $10 million in revenue! Robert understands people and marketing! Don’t miss a chance to learn from him!” 
  • -Paul Henderson
  • "I met Robert in 1989 when I had just moved to the US and still couldn’t speak English very well.  I was working at a hardware store, mixing paint for a living. When Robert coached me and taught me his formula, I earned millions. 
  • In 2009 I became the CEO of Gano Excel, so I called Robert to join forces with me. In 4 years we did $750 million in total revenue, $110 million in 2012.
  • I started my own company in 2013 and life continues to get better everyday. Robert is an amazing friend and mentor, thank you! Listen to Robert!" 
  • -Joven Cabasag

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