Specialized Knowledge

In my younger days I was very fortunate to run across some trainers and coaches, mentors that shared with me some Specialized Knowledge.

My first mentors suggested the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which I refer to often.

There's a part of the book where it speaks about Specialized Knowledge and how important it is to possess it.

The individuals who bring the most Value to others are the ones that possess Specialized Knowledge.

Quick story with Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn was told by his mentor Earl Shoaff that he needed to be at a live training in another city. Jim Rohn response was that he would not be able to get the time off from his work and he definitely could not afford to go to the training.

Earl Shoaff’s reply was “What do you mean you don't have the time or the money to go?”

Jim’s response “I'm working for a company and they won't give me time off and I don't get paid enough.”

Earl says “Are you telling me that everyone in the company that you work for makes the same amount of money as you?” “No says Jim.”

“So are there individuals that work for the same company as you and they make more money than you?”

“Of course” replays Jim.”

“And they get time off?” Says Earl

“Of course”

“Why do you think that is?” Says Earl

“More experience?” Says Jim

“No” Earl says “They bring more Value to the company.”

“They've taken the time and the money to invest in themselves, so they have more knowledge, so they bring more Value, therefore they get paid more.”

Unfortunately that's the opposite of how the majority of people think.

The majority thinks they should get paid more, then they will go out and learn more.

It's totally the opposite.

When I was younger I decided to go to a trade school North Dakota State School of Science. I wanted to become an engineer.

When I got there a Professor Mr. Bitts, suggested that I specialize in a certain engineering program.

Civil Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Automotive Engineering.

Pick a specific area of expertise.

I had never thought about specializing in anything until Mr. Bitts made the suggestion.

I told him that I loved working on cars, so he suggested that I be an Automotive Engineer. I took the time and the money to learn the skill.

I became an ASC Certified Master Automotive Technician, therefore I became more valuable so I was paid more than others. Specialized Knowledge

If you're a doctor and your Specialized in a certain medical procedure , such as a Plastic Surgeon, or a Heart Doctor, than you maybe in demand and you can therefore charge as much as you want, and also have a long waiting list of people who want to see you.

It doesn't really make a difference in what you do.

If you have a specific Specialized Knowledge in something, you bring more Value and you will get paid more.

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