Speed Up The Process!

I understand if you can’t wait that long to see results. There are three ways you can speed things up.

First, be coachable. Commit to do whatever it takes. If the coach tells you to do XYZ, then you do XYZ with gusto.

Don’t just go through the motions. Give it your all and trust that the coach knows what works.

At first it may be awkward and uncomfortable. Do it anyway. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do. It’s that simple.

Second, tell the truth. Be brutally honest with yourself and your coach. The coach asks if you did it.

Your answer must be “yes” or “no.” Any explanation on your part is superfluous.

Coach asks for your results, and you provide the numbers. Anything else is noise. Keep it simple.

Keep your attention on taking the coaching and learning all there is to learn. Leave the outcome to God, who gives the increase (see 1 Corinthians 3:7).

Third, be hungry to learn. You have to stir up your desire to learn, grow, and master the material.

This reminds me of the story of the guy who asks the Zen master to help him achieve enlightenment.

The Zen master takes the guy to the beach and holds his head under the water.

When the master finally lets him up to breathe he says, “When you want to be enlightened like you wanted that breath, then you will be ready. Come back then.”

It seems dramatic, but you need that white-hot desire to make dramatic progress.

The only knowledge that matters is applied knowledge. You don’t really know anything until you can produce the results that prove it.

So be eager to practice everything you learn. Stay in action and pay close attention to what works.

Sometimes, even when you aren’t clear about your own ambitions, you meet a mentor that inspires you. You admire how they live, how they interact with people, how they think, and who they are.

On your journey to discover your own passions and calling, it’s okay for a while to hitch your wagon to another person’s star.

For several years, I submitted myself to the guidance and teaching of one mentor.

Under his leadership I achieved my first taste of success and made the shift from failure consciousness to success consciousness.

Along the way I discovered that Mr. Gouldd was not the only master within my industry. In the past two decades, I have acquired many teachers.

In spite of all the success with which I have been blessed,I continue to find wisdom, insight, knowledge, and inspiration from others who have blazed new trails in business and in living.

As you reach to achieve your goals, I hope you will grow to love this wonderful journey of learning and self-discovery.

For now, to get you moving toward your dreams, find one mentor with a proven track record and an approach you can believe in.

Be a diligent apprentice and go to school. Dedicate yourself to a path of mastery and promise to give whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. And never be afraid to ask for help.

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Robert Hollis

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