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My mentor said that I needed to take the time to build rapport first, to get people to know, like and trust me. He said that over and over.

They also said to me that I could give you great information, however I want you to do a simple step first. Which was a challenge.

He told me to go buy a book and to read it, take it in. This is actually a really great sorting tool by the way. This was before the internet.

He knew if I wouldn't go buy the book and read it and then report back to him, I was not the right person, at the right time. Which would not make me a bad person.

However I did go buy the book and read it and digested all that it offered.

This was the way that my mentor sorted and it's the way that I sort as well.

So when I ran across The Science of Getting Rich, and I realized that there were so many people that knew nothing about this amazing book, I wanted to make people aware of its impact it has had on me and many other successful individuals.

Wouldn't you agree that the way that you've been introduced to a business opportunity is the way that you would introduce someone else. And so would your recruits, even if some weren't as successful.

I have found that the best way to build fast rapport and have people get to know, like and trust me, and let them know that I genuinely care for them is to give them something for free.

I gave them something I have for free, that changed my life.

If I shared that information with them, first they would either go through the information and thank me for it, or they might be comfortable and complacent and I then just move on.

I don't think people understand when I suggest, Say as little as possible to as many as you can as fast as you can.

I've made multiple seven figures a year and I've also helped others make seven figures a year.

And it was by using this concept of learning to find already free things that are public domain. And sharing those.

When I stepped into the online marketing world, I had no other income coming in.

I decided to focus and learn to make money online, and that's how I made $273K and 19,763 new contacts in 11 months. Giving away free knowledge, that someone else created. You can as well!


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