What’s Holding You Back?

I was very fortunate when I was in my 20’s that I was able to learn from some individuals that got in my head and changed my “stinking thinking”

Now I'm here to help you if you have “stinking thinking” and “limiting beliefs”, and to assist you to inhabit the mentality that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

It's now the second week of January 2017, and we've just spent time with family and friends over the holiday season.

And that time is super important, however now is the time to start the new year running.

Now is the time to evaluate and reflect on how 2016 went for you.

What went well and what you should continue to do in the new year.

And what didn't go as well and you should avoid repeating in the new year.

After you've measured your 2016, sometimes we confess to ourselves that there's no way I will allow 2017 to repeat 2016 or 2015.

Since we are in the beginning weeks of the new year, what's holding you back? Anything?

I happen to know what could be holding you back!

I've been able to be around some wealthy individuals in my years, and they have also gone through the same things.

Whenever you're raising your standards, quality of life.

Whenever you're attempting change, along with that comes something incredible…Your emotions.

Most people won't move forward because they are scared, fear! (False emotions appearing real).

We fall into excuse mode, blame mode, broke mode.

We go into it saying “if only”

If only I had unlimited funds, If only I had better people skills, If only I had more time, If only I had more people to help me, Etc, Etc.

The excuses that we use to hold us back in 2015, and 2016.

start to boil up in us in the new year.


Because they are patterns, loops, habits. It's being comfortable with being comfortable. It's the excuses that we tell ourselves.

I don't make enough money.

There are individuals that make more money than you.

There's individuals that make more money than me.

That's why I always go back to The Science of Getting Rich, because it gets rid of the blame, the excuses.

You start to look for the things that will get you to the place where now you're moving forward.

So what's holding you back?

For one thing we make things bigger than they are.

We give it more meaning than it deserves.

The question we should be asking is how can I make this better?

What is something I know that I can do everyday to make it better?

Small changes everyday is what makes the difference in our lives and how we want to change them for the better.

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Robert Hollis

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