Will It Work For Me?

Once you have satisfied yourself that a business is viable, you may ask yourself, “Can I do it?”

I wish I could answer this for you, because I truly believe that you can. People can learn just about anything if they have the desire and put in the required time and energy.

The tremendous power of a marketing program to produce residual income stems from the duplication of a system that enables people to succeed with no special skills, abilities, or prior experience.

The key to duplication lies in faithful implementation of the system. It is worth repeating that people don’t duplicate—systems duplicate.

The criteria for a great system comes down to ease of duplication.

This is determined simply by whether average people (those without special skills, talents, and abilities) will actually follow the system.

This is so critical. I’ve seen companies that have great products that meet a need, but for whatever reason average people won’t follow the system.

Since these companies’ systems won’t duplicate efficiently, these companies fail.

So when you ask, “Can I do it?” you are really asking, “Can I learn to follow this system and show others how to do the same?”

Based on twenty-five years of experience, I can tell you that if you really throw yourself into any well-designed business opportunity— and you allow yourself to be trained by someone with a proven track record—you will likely succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Most of the leaders in my industry started out part time, intending to generate some extra cash flow until they could find something “legitimate” to do for a living.

The turning point at which most of us knew we had found a true calling was the realization that leaders in our industry have an opportunity every day to make a huge difference in other peoples’ lives.

So the marketing industry is populated with people who are eager and willing to help you succeed. Our success depends on helping others to succeed.

Finally, the most important question—more important than “Can I do this?”—is: “Will I do this?”

The answer to this will be found in your own heart and mind, and nowhere else. Do you desire a better life? Is that desire strong enough to risk failure?

We call a new business a venture because it involves an uncertain outcome. The very nature of entrepreneurship involves risk.

Typically, entrepreneurs risk capital (a financial investment) and something called opportunity cost, which is the amount that might have been earned by investing that capital in some other vehicle.

As the expression goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” You won’t get something for nothing in a legitimate business opportunity, so you have to ask yourself, “What do I have to invest in a venture, and what am I willing to risk?”

One great advantage of associating with an existing marketing organization has to do with the minimal investment required to begin.

I was completely broke when I started twenty-five years ago. What I lacked in financial capital, I made up in sweat equity.

People often ask me how I accomplished what I have in business. I frequently respond, “You really don’t want to know; it would scare you away.”

I made lots of mistakes and wasted lots of time and energy. (I didn’t always follow what I was taught.) But I was willing to give whatever it took to succeed.

I invested virtually every waking hour in my business initially to achieve my early success. Another form of capital is known as good will.

The reputation, trust, and rapport you have built—and the spheres of influence you have developed over the years—can yield tremendous dividends in this kind of business if you learn how to pique interest without alienating people.

This can be a rich source of referrals and collaborative support. Most of the risks in this kind of capital arise from acting without training and support.

Having evaluated the potential of an opportunity and the associated risks, you face a choice: You take a leap of faith—or let go of your dreams and decide to be content with the life you have.

Ultimately every success story comes down to a simple two-step formula: A person found an idea that inspired them. Then they worked their ass off to make it happen.

There it is! That’s the whole secret in a nutshell: inspiration and committed action.

Would you be willing to work as hard for yourself as you’ve ever worked for someone else? If I can do it, you can!

Believe me, it is absolutely worth your effort.

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