I hear different statements all the time. How many of you knew that statements are suppose to be thought provoking?

On a constant basis I have individuals who reach out to me and ask, “Can I have a minute of your time?” My response used to be of course.

I'm in the business of helping others. However as the years have gone by I've decided to only help those who would truly like to help themselves.

For too many years I would help individuals that never would take action for themselves.

And by doing that I never had the time to help the individuals that would take action, since all my extra time spent was with Askholes!

An Askhole is someone who has a million and one questions, never moves into action mode, always has excuses of why things aren't working, always complaining, etc.

If you were an individual who did approach me and ask for a few minutes of my time, what response would I get from you if I responded by asking you for a few references.

If I could talk to a past mentor or coach to see if you're the type of person who would be a good listener, a self motivated person.

The type of person who with whatever suggestions or strategies I gave you, you would take action with.

Or would you be the opposite? Would you waste my time and yours?

Winners take good criticism and bad criticism. Because they know that both will help them to improve and to be a better person, coach, athlete, actor, singer, etc.

Winners also are big risk takers, as well as big action takers.

Most winners in life surround themselves with mentors and coaches that can help them get through the tough times in a shorter, less painful amount of time, because their mentors and coaches have been through the same type of struggles and they are able to assist you so that you can cut out the tougher times in your journey.

Winners also are talked about

For the good and the bad.

However, winners don't focus on what everyone is saying about them.

The are focused on winning in life

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